The comprehensive product range caters to industrial applications like gears, compressors, turbines, journal bearings, hydraulics, spindles, etc. Lubricating oils from IFP Petro Products meet the requirements of all core industrial sectors of India

Below are the Industrial Lubricants that IFP deals with and is capable to deliver in all parts of North India. You can fill the form in the footer to know more about IFP Petro and its products/services.

industrial lubricating oil

Hydraulic Oil

IFP Hydraulic HLP oils are high performance premium grade hydraulic oils formulated from highly refined base oils Group II with high performance additive package for excellent lubrication and anti-wear properties.

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Gear Oils

IFP Industrial Gear Oils are hi-performance, mild EP, industrial gear lubricants formulated with a sulfur-phosphorus additive system, which also imparts rust and oxidation inhibition, corrosion and oxidation inhibitor and a metal passivator. Designed primarily for industrial gear lubrication services where loads and shock loadings are high.

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Neat Cutting Oil

IFP Neat Cutting oil 51 is straight mineral oil non-staining type neat cutting oil blended from high viscosity index base oils and contains fatty material making it suitable for application from light machining to heavy-duty operations.

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(ACUALUBE) Soluble Cutting Oils

IFP AQUALUBE is suitably blended with high performance emulsifiers, additives and pure base oil to make a stable product. It has a long shelf life and there is perfect equilibrium between the oil and emulsifier resulting in no settling.

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Rolling Oils

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Rust Preventive Oils

These are soft film, solvent deposited, water displacing type, corrosion preventives. These fluids can be applied directly to water wet metal surfaces, where they displace water, leaving a protective film. All these fluids have excellent spreading and they can be applied either by dipping or by spraying.

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Quenching Oils

IFP quenching oils are formulated from highly refined base stocks with inherently high thermal stability. Additives include anti-oxidants for longer bath life at elevated temperatures, rust inhibitors, wetting agents that alter surface tensions and aid cooling during the vapor phase and other accelerators to achieve specific quenching characteristics.

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Transformer Oil

IFP Transformer Oil is highly refined electrical insulating oil developed for use in oil-immersed transformers, capacitors, tap changers and circuit breakers where the equipment manufacturer specifies a Type II inhibited oil meeting ANSI/ASTM D3487-09 requirements.

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Sewing Machine Oil

IFP sewing machine oils are stain-free garment knitting machinery oils for used in automatic circular knitting machines. They are formulated from light colour mineral base oils of low viscosity and very high viscosity index and fortified with selected rust inhibitors for guaranteeing superior scour ability properties and high anti wear antirust properties.

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Thermic Fluid

Backed by rich experience in the industry, we present a broad assortment of Thermic Fluid Oil. Our product range is developed to cover a broad range of heat transfer application involving optimum temperatures.

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