Process oils are special oils which are used in a wide variety of chemical and technical industries either as raw material component or as an aid to processing. IFP Petro Products manufacturers and recognises the crucial role that process oils play in your products and operations.

Below are the Process Oils that IFP deals with and is capable to deliver in all parts of North India. You can fill the form in the footer to know more about IFP Petro and its products/services.

Rubber Process Oils

IFP Rubber Process Oils 32, 68, 220 and 460 are predominantly paraffinic type rubber process and are blended from selected highly solvent refined base stocks of low sulphur content and with high viscosity index and low evaporation loss. These light coloured oils are having good colour stability during long storage.

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Wire Drawing Oils

IFP Wire Draw Oil is a conventional superior performance Aluminium wire drawing fluid manufactured from selected highly refined, high viscosity index base oils fortified with special additives to improve the wetting characteristics.

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Glass Mould Oil

IFP Glass Mould Oils are non-graphite type glass mould oils used for de-moulding in glass moulding industry. The oils are blended from highly refined base oils and specially selected additives. They provide instant de-moulding performance with good surface finish to the moulded products without any colouration of the glasses.

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Flushing Oil

IFP FLUSHING OIL 22 is formulated with high quality low viscosity base oil and carefully selected detergents to remove used lubricating oil, decomposition products, and accumulated dirt from lubrication passages crankcase surface and lubricated moving part of engines, pipe lines and system providing excellent cleaning of the engine and its passages.

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Spindle Oil

IFP Spindle Oils are designed for the lubrication and protection of high-speed spindle bearings; It may also be used wherever a rust and oxidation inhibited petroleum oil is specified in a comparable ISO 22 and ISO 10 viscosity grade.

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