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IFP Multigrade 20W40 is superior quality Multigrade Engine Oil blended with superior quality high Viscosity Index base oils and contains well balanced group of additives, to provide high detergency, dispersancy and anti oxidation characteristics


  • Better resistance against wear of moving engine parts at all operating conditions.
  • Excellent thermal and oxidation stability & less formation of oxidation related deposits
  • Protects engine components against rust and corrosion due to built-in alkaline reserves
  • Ensures smooth running of engine in all climatic conditions

Typical Characteristics

S. No. Characteristics Test Method Unit 20W40 Multigrade Engine Oil
1 Appearance Visual - Bright & Clear
2 Colour IS 1448 (P:14) L Red
3 Density@15°C IS 1448 (P:16) g/mL 0.8911
4 K. Viscosity @ 40 °C IS 1448(P:25) cSt 128.40
5 Flash Point IS 1448(P:69) °C 240 °C
6 Sulphated Ash % by wt D874 - 0.72

Health and Safety

These oils are unlikely to present any significant health or safety hazard when properly used in the recommended application and good standards of industrial and personal hygiene are maintained 100% recyclable.


IFP Multigrade 20W40 is recommended for use in Heavy Duty Commercial Vehicles, Light Commercial Vehicles & Multi-utility vehicles fitted with high speed naturally aspirated or Turbo charged diesel engines operating at low speed and high torque conditions that are prevalent in prolonged city stop & go driving conditions and also in hilly regions.