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IFP Kool Ready is a triple action long life radiator coolant prepared from selected ingredients. IFP Kool Ready is free from Amines, Borates, Nitrates and silicates.


  • Does not boil and vaporize in the hottest summer or freeze in swear winter
  • Prevents corrosion of radiator coolant and other parts
  • Reduces maintenance costs and increases radiator life
  • Increases cooling efficiency

Typical Characteristics

S. No. Characteristics Test Method Unit IFP KOOL Ready
1 Appearance Visual - Bright & Clear
2 Colour IS 1448 (P:14) L Green Liquid
3 Density@29.5°C IS 1448(P:16) g/mL 1.0593
4 Boiling Point, °C Min IS 1448(P:25) D-1120 115 °C
6 pH of 30% Dilution D-1287 8.5

Health and Safety

These oils are unlikely to present any significant health or safety hazard when properly used in the recommended application and good standards of industrial and personal hygiene are maintained.


IFP Kool Ready is recommended for passenger cars, light commercial vehicles, heavy vehicles and heavy earth moving equipment as a radiator coolant. For desired performance 30 parts of the fluid is to be diluted with 70 parts of distilled water in most of the vehicles.