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IFP Transmission Oil is premium quality transmission oil, blended from high quality solvent refined base stocks fortified with carefully selected additives, to give good detergent, thermal and oxidation stability, low temperature fluidity, seal compatibility, antifoam, anticorrosion and anti-wear characteristics.


  • Provides superior Non-asbestos clutch friction tests, fluoroelastomer seal compatibility. Exceptional lubrication
  • Excellent anti foam & anti copper corrosion characteristics
  • Excellent power shift transmission even at low temperature
  • Trouble free & longer drain intervals

Typical Characteristics

S. No. Characteristics Test Method Unit IFP Transmission Oil
1 Appearance Visual - Bright & Clear
2 Colour D1500 L 3.0
3 Density@29.5°C IS 1448(P:16) g/mL 0.8869
4 K. Viscosity @ 40 °C IS 1448(P:25) cSt 11-13
5 Flash Point IS 1448(P:21) °C 180 °C
5 Pour Point IS 1448(P:10) °C -18 °C

Health and Safety

These oils are unlikely to present any significant health or safety hazard when properly used in the recommended application and good standards of industrial and personal hygiene are maintained 100% recyclable.


Power shift transmission in off highway & on highway of Allison heavy duty automatic transmission, industrial torque converter & automatic transmission manufactured by Detroit Diesel.