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IFP has been able to produce quality indurstrial fuel oils from the various feedstock and is offering the same to industrial customers. We have introduced HeatX Series with light, medium and heavy viscosity / specific gravity variants for meeting customers' requirements.


  • Quick burning
  • Low Sulphur
  • Clean fuel
  • Low Emission
  • No Toxic Chemicals
  • Low Ash Content
  • High Calorific Value
  • Meets all specification
  • 100% Hydrocarbons

Heat XL (Light)

Specially formulated fuel with higher calorific value and low sulphur content fortified with fuel additives for higher efficiency and zero emission. The product also protects the boiler parts and pumps ensuring longer life. The consumer can claim GST input for the product under HSN code 27101950.

Heat XM (Medium)

Heat XM is a specially formulated industrial fuel for heating with low sulphur & ash content. It is suitably blended as per customer requirement to meet the said application. Due to its higher specific gravity, the consumption is lesser than diesel in burning.

Heat XH (Heavy)

Heat XH is specially blended with hydrocarbons with low sulphur % to meet emission norms & standard. It is used as fuel in different types of combustion equipment. Heat XH is a replacement for furnace oil meeting emission standards. Also used in thermic fluid heaters and hot air generators.

Typical Characteristics

S. No. Characteristics Unit IFP Heat XL IFP Heat XM IFP Heat XH
1 Colour L L0 to 0.5 Brown Dark Brown
2 Calorific Value Kcal/kg > 10,000 > 9,000 > 9,500
4 K. Viscosity @ 40 °C cSt 1.6 - 3.0 10 - 36 100 - 140
5 Flash Point °C > 40 °C > 50 °C > 60 °C
6 Total Sulphur Content ppm < 50 ppm < 100 ppm < 500 ppm

Health and Safety

These oils are unlikely to present any significant health or safety hazard when properly used in the recommended application and good standards of industrial and personal hygiene are maintained 100% recyclable.