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"Dr. Lubes is a diagnostics testing house for fuel oil and lubricants. Dr. Lubes is fully owned by IFP Petro Products Pvt. Ltd. It is an in-house state of art oil testing laboratory having the facilities to test color, desity, viscosity index, flashpoint, copper strip corrosion, saponification value, TAN ,TBN, PH, Carbon Residue, Sulphated Ash, Water %, Aniline Point, Cloud & Pour Point, Di-electric strength, TAN Delta, Boiling point range and calorific value.


Unscrupulous oil dealers were supplying oils in the name of reputable companies resulting in immense losses to the customer. Early rejection/disposal of oil while in service leading to heavy investment in lubricants. IFP has responded to the need of the hour and established a testing house with customer friendly diagnostic facilities. Dr. Lubes is the place where lubricants are treated as precious patients.


Dr. Lubes is not a simple testing house for lubricants which diagnoses the problem and gives a gives a perfect solution Engine ceased due to spurious engine oil. Transformer blasts due to bad transformer oil. Don’t throw your oils, just because manufacturers say so there is still life in them. Lubricant is a precious resource and testing before disposing should be considered for the sake of environment.