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Used Oil 2 New Oil - IFP is a process technology company with over 40 years core experience in re-refining of used lubricating oils and blending of industrial and automotive lubricants. Using the latest 3 stage vacuum distillation process, lube base oil is recovered after refining. Suitable additive blending is carried out as per product requirement to get new oil from used oil meeting original oil specifications. IFP with its knowledge, infrastructure and experience guarantees quality, cost and delivery.


Understanding your needs and after collecting used oil sample from your works, we provide complete techno-commercial proposal along with sample analysis reports of the regenerated product. IFP also provided the cost economics working and finally on receipt of confirmed order, we collect the used oil from your works. After receipt of payment, we send the product back to your doorstep with test report of the consignment.


Environment protection and compliance. Conservation of precious petroleum product. Reduction of oil import bill for the country. Convert hazardous waste into wealth. More than 50% savings. Reduce inventory and lubricant expenditure.