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Blending & Packaging

Blending Brilliance, Packaging Prowess: IFP's Lubricant Symphony

Welcome to IFP Petro's spectacular Blending and Packaging journey—where precision meets efficiency in oil alchemy.

Our Facilities

  1. Blending Capacity: A formidable 36 KL per day for seamless excellence.
  2. Packaging Variety: From dainty 20ml to robust 210 Ltrs., we cater to every size.

Expertly formulated, impeccably packed—your product's success, our commitment.

Tailored Solutions

Collaborate with us for bespoke packaging solutions. Our turnkey operations minimize investment, shorten time to market, and ensure industry-leading standards.

What We've Achieved

  1. Industrial and automotive lubricants blending for private labels.
  2. Contract packaging for IOCL, BPCL, and groundbreaking manufacturing for HPCL's Green Hydraulic 68.

Future Moves

  1. Unveiling a world-class facility for Green lubricants with a robust blending capacity of 200,000 TPA.
  2. Courting long-term partnerships with oil companies and OEMs.
  3. Acquiring a VII plant for 12,000 TPA capacity.

Green Lubricant Elegance

  1. Dazzling 140,000 TPA Green Lubricant Production with 25% RRBO.
  2. Sole supplier of Refined Base Oil to oil companies for RRBO-blended lubricants.

IFP's Blending and Packaging: Where every drop narrates a tale of innovation, efficiency, and a commitment to a greener, lubricated world. The stage is set; the show must go on!

Dr.Lubes Testing Facility

“Precision in Every Drop: Dr. Lubes Testing Facility Redefines Lubricant Mastery”

Welcome to IFP's Dr. Lubes Testing Facility, the epitome of lubricant excellence. Equipped with cutting-edge technology and staffed by industry experts, we meticulously analyze lubricants for viscosity, thermal stability, and chemical composition.

Test your USED OIL & also get the best market price for selling it

Contact qc@ifp-petro.com or +91 9311905176

We strive to provide Our Customers with Top Notch Services to make their Experience Wonderfull

S.No Characteristic Test Method(IS/ASTM) Price (INR) Min qty required
1 Apperance Visual 150 50 ml
2 Odor Smell 150 100 ml
3 Color ASTM D 1500 400 100 ml
4 Kinematic Vinconity 400C ASTM D445 500 100 ml
5 Kinematic Viscosity 1000C ASTM D445 500 100 ml
6 Viscosity Index ASTM D2270 Covered in 4 & 5 Covered in 4 & 5
7 Conrandson Carbon Residue (CCR) ASTM D189 1200 50 ml
8 Total Acidity, TAN ASTM D664 600 50 ml
9 Total Sulfur content, % by mass ASTM D4294 1000 50 ml
10 Water Content (Crackle test) ASTM D6304 1200 500 ml
11 Foaming Tendency (Seq. I to III) ASTM D892 2500 500 ml
12 Pour Point0C ASTM D97 1200 250 ml
13 Dentity @150C ASTM D4052 500 300 ml
14 Demntibility ASTM D1401 1200 250 ml
15 Copper Strip Corrosion ASTM D130 1200 250 ml
16 Flash Point ASTM D92 1300 500 m
17 Ash Content ASTM D92 1000 250 m
18 Wear metal (elemental analysis) ASTM D5185 500/per metal 1L
19 Wear debris ASTM D7690 1200 Coverd in 17
20 Particle count Analysis (NAS Value) NAS 1638 1800 1l
21 Sediments ISI1448 P:30 1000 250ml
*Subcontracted through third party lab

TAT: 5days (excluding subcontracted lab tests which require 5 extra days from the date of sample received)

Payment terms: Total price + 18% GST

Download Test Form here


ONE STOP SOLUTION FOR Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR)

From collection to disposal, we provide smart solutions for a sustainable future!!!!

"Elevate. Transform. Comply: IFP's EPR Commitment Unveiled!

In the realm of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR), IFP Petro stands at the forefront, charting a path of sustainable evolution.

The responsibility shift is crystal clear—producers and importers alike must adhere to a strategic EPR framework. IFP Petro, as a producer-centric advocate, ensures that the entire onus lies on the producer. In the coming three years, base oil and lubricant producers are mandated to fulfill EPR obligations ranging from 5% to 20%, while used oil importers are set on a steadfast course to achieve 100% compliance

IFP Petro: Where Responsibility Meets Resilience in the EPR Landscape!"

EPR Certificate

Step into a realm of heightened environmental responsibility with IFP's EPR Certificate. Crafted for businesses navigating Extended Producer Responsibility, our certificate represents a pledge to sustainable practices in used oil management. Aligned seamlessly with the national CPCB EPR Portal, IFP EPR Certificate ensures full compliance with waste management mandates. This certification marks the dawn of a new era in circular economy participation, where every drop of used oil becomes a symbol of conscientious stewardship. Mandated for all base oil and lubricant producers, as well as used oil importers, our commitment is resolute.

Fulfill your ERP Targets with Ease

Monitor your EPR Fulfillment process with complete traceability. Turst the One-stop solution from EPR Registration to Fulfillment

Rules Download
SOP Download
Public Notice Download

Jobwork - 3R Approach

Jobwork Mastery: Precision at Every Stage

Immerse your used oil in IFP's Jobwork Model, where cutting-edge technology conducts a harmonious purification symphony. Elevate your sustainability quotient with IFP's Jobwork Model — a paragon of efficiency, precision, and environmental stewardship. In the oil re-refining domain, excellence isn't a mere choice; it's the IFP way, where technical prowess meets operational finesse.


IFP Petro employs cutting-edge technologies and expert audits to reduce

  1. Resource Usage
  2. Carbon Emissions
  3. Energy consumption

Our strategies focus on reducing oil and fuel wastage for a more sustainable approach


IFP Petro employs cutting-edge technologies and expert audits to reduce


Revolutionizing Resource Reuse with IFP Petro's Jobwork Model (Jobwork) old oil to new oil factory pic

IFP Petro evaluates applications and suggests reuse options for used oil, aligning with lubrication and application needs thereby extending the life cycle of valuable resources and fostering a circular economy.


IFP Petro offers a range of recycling options, including distillation, re-refining, filtration, dehydration, and blending. Our commitment to responsible disposal and resource recovery helps minimize environmental impact and promotes a more sustainable oil and fuel industry.

  1. Dehydration: Techniques to extract water content from the oil in service for re-usability and also enhancing oil recyclability.
  2. Filtration: State-of-the-art methods for removing impurities and recycling oil.
  3. Distillation: Separation of components for efficient resource recovery.
  4. Re-refining: Advanced processes to regenerate used oil into high-quality products.
  5. Re-Blending: Formulating blends for optimal performance and resource utilization.
  6. Formulating blends for optimal performance and resource utilization.
  7. FClosed-loop systems ensuring responsible disposal and resource recovery.


16/2C Industrial Area Site 4, Sahibabad, Ghaziabad -201010 (U.P.)