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Established in 1977 with technical expertise from the Indian Institute of Petroleum (IIP) in Dehradun (a unit of CSIR), boasts over 45 years of industry leadership. It holds the distinction of being the first Used Lubricating Oil re-refining unit approved by both the Ministry Of Petroleum (MOP) and the Ministry Of Environment (MOE), offering professional, technical, and quality control services to its clientele.

Being at the forefront of the circular economy for used oil, specializing in producing Re-Refined Base Oil (RRBO) for major oil companies such as HPCL, BPCL, SHELL, IOCL, among others, and is continuously advancing its technological capabilities. Its homegrown technology is in line with Atma Nirbhar Bharat, emphasizing sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Committed to integrity, friendship, and Dedicated to integrity, collaboration, and prosperity, IFP ensures the safe, professional, and compliant management of used oil, including the collection and recycling of hazardous waste, all while prioritizing environmental conservation.

Circular Economy in Used Oil

Circular Economy in used oil involves collecting, processing, and reusing/recycling it rather than discarding it as waste. This minimises environmental impact, reduces virgin resource consumption, and promotes sustainable resource management.
Collection of Used oil

Employing the highly efficient Hub-and-Spoke model

  • Establishing Term Contracts
  • Per litre benefit for used oil Collection under EPR
  • Creating a demonstrable pilot collection centre
  • Leveraging existing Lubricant share

Prime focus in developing Circular Economy

  • Development of a comprehensible and verified Carbon Calculation methodology
  • Creation of CO2 Certificates as benefit and confirmation for customers of sustainable Base Oils
  • Carbon footprint benefits
  • Leveraging existing Lubricant share



To Process High Quality Base Oil from used Oil

  • High Capacity Technology needed
  • Possible to make high quality base oil from used oil
  • Capital Intensive Plants
  • Quality equivalent to virgin base oil can be achieved

End to end digital tracking and tracing linking with CPCB Portal

  • Digitization (Each litre of used oil to be mapped, tracked and reported)
  • Creation of CO2 Certificates as benefit and confirmation for customers of sustainable Base Oils.
  • For operational efficiency and statutory requirements
Environment benifits of recycling 1 Litre of used Lubricating Oil

There is a significant benefit at each stage of the entire value chain of Used Oil Recycling

2kg Co2

1 Kg of Used oil on burning generates 2 Kg of CO2

1 Million Litters

1 Litre Used Oil can contaminate 1 million litres of freshwater

66% Energy Saving

33% of the energy is consumed as compared to crude oil refining

3% of Crude Oil

Instead of 45 litres of Crude Oil, we need 1.4 litres of Used Oil

81% Lower

Carbon Footprint of RRBO is 81% lower to Virgin Base Oil

Compliance & certifications meeting oil legal and environmental norms

Urmila Bhargava

Founder & Managing Director

First Women in the field of used oil Re-Refining

Igniting a greener tomorrow through exceptional waste oil management, nurturing sustainability with unwavering values of integrity, friendship, and prosperity..

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Advanced industrial fuels for efficiency, zero emissions, and longer equipment life, meeting strict emission standards and reducing consumption

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IFP is a process technology company with over 45 years of core experience in re-refining of used lubricating and industrial oils.

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    IFP bids Farewell to our esteemed HR Head - Mr . Vijay Wassan and wishes them all the best for future endeavours

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2.660.929,248 Ton

Used oil

…processed since 1977

2.660.929,248 Ton


…import has been reduced since 1977

2.660.929,248 Ton


…achieved since 1977 compared to primary refining*

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