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Code of Conduct


This Code of Conduct embodies important basic principles and Code of Honour what IFP stands for and provides guidance on appropriate handling of day-to-day business and strategic planning. The Code of Conduct is an expression of our determination to observe fair and sustainable business practices and base our actions on ethical and responsible principles. Scope

At IFP, Our guiding principle is to prioritize the greater good: Country first, Customer second, Team third, and Individual last. This hierarchy ensures that our actions are aligned with the broader interests of society and our stakeholders As a company that actively encourages its employees to respect and observe the principles detailed below. This Code of Conduct applies to all employees of the IFP Products Pvt. Ltd. and its associates Scope


Respecting laws and directives

We observe the statutory and corporate regulations that apply to our work. Furthermore. we examine carefully what good practices should be used in support of responsible corporate governance.


Integrity and corporate governance

Our actions are based on generally accepted values and principles, in particular on integrity, transparency, honesty, respect, openness and non-discrimination. IFP Petro Products Pvt. Ltd. pursues reputable and recognized business practices and subscribes to the principle of fair competition. Integrity is the cornerstone of our operations. We uphold honesty, responsibility, and transparency in all our professional and business dealings, ensuring trust and reliability in every interaction.



We diligently devote ourselves to our work around the clock, unfortunately leaving little room to prioritize our customers' delight." Punctuality is ingrained in our culture. We prioritize being on time or early in all our engagements, respecting the value of time for ourselves and others.


Dealings with one another and working conditions We intend to create a secure and attractive working environment in which trust, teamwork, diversity and responsibility are valued and put into practice and people treat one another in a fair and respectful manner. Each of us bears responsibility for our actions, the company's growth, the well-being of our fellow team members, and the environmental footprint of our operations, driving sustainable practices and growth

  1. Personal privacy rights

    We respect and protect each individual's dignity and personal rights and privacy, including personal data

  2. Health and safety

    We make ongoing efforts to improve workplace health and safety for our employees, in particular by making sure they have a safe working environment. In order to minimize the risks for employees, we are committed to taking the best possible measure to prevent accidents and occupational illnesses. We are dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for those around us and maintaining the cleanliness and orderliness of our company, contributing to a positive and conducive work environment.

  3. Ban On discrimination and protection from harassment

    We advocate equality of opportunity and equal treatment for our employees. We also offer employees equal career opportunities and do not tolerate discrimination or harassment, WHATEVER FORM THEY MAY TAKE. Every employee is required to respect the personal sphere of his or her colleagues; Sexual harassment and bullying are tolerated.

  4. Freedom of expression We guarantee and protect employee's freedom of opinion and their right to express that opinion.

  5. Ban on child labour and forced labour

    We respect the ban on child labour, according to international Labour Organization (ILO) standards. Nobody must be forced into employment or work against their will.

  6. Remuneration and working time

    We respect the current laws and regulations on remuneration and ensure that employees receive an appropriate wage. We adhere to the relevant work protection and working time regulations.


Treatment of suppliers, customers and other business partners

We diligently devote ourselves to our work around the clock, unfortunately leaving little room to prioritize our customers' delight." Punctuality is ingrained in our culture. We prioritize being on time or early in all our engagements, respecting the value of time for ourselves and others.

  1. Competition and anti-trust legislation

    We are committed to observing the regulations on fair competition. In particular, in order to avoid infringing anti-trust legislation, it is not permitted to conclude agreements with competitors on

    • Prices, margins, costs. Volumes, production performance, tendering, sales or other that influence the behaviour of the company,
    • Non-competition, false tendering or
    • Apportionment out of customers, markets, areas, production programs etc.

  2. Ban on corruption and bribery

    We reject all forms of corruption, including blackmail and bribery. This applies to individuals, companies and also to authorities and other institutions. For this reason, employees are not permitted to demand, accept, offer or provide unauthorized advantages during the course of business activities. This does not include occasional gifts of symbolic value or appropriate invitations to events or meals, provided the principles of this code and local customs are prospected. Any demand for bribes or other advantages, both businesses related or private, must be immediately rejected.

  3. Avoidance of conflicts of interest

    Conflicts of Interest resulting from employment by the company should be avoided. A conflict of interests exists when the personal interests of an employee or a third person compete with those of IFP Petro Products Pvt. Ltd. We support environmental protection by adopting a preventive approach, running campaign aimed at raising awareness and encouraging greater responsibility amongst employees and suppliers. We consistently support the development and dissemination of environmentally friendly technologies, partly by expanding our fields of business to include measures to protect the environment and conserve resources and also by improving the energy efficiency of our products in both manufacture and application.

  4. Infringements

    Employees are encouraged to report any infringements of the above regulations to their line manager or the HR department responsible. It is the task of every manager in the IFP Petro Products Pvt. Ltd. To ensure that all employees are familiar with these guidelines and observe their requirements.



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