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Used Oil Solutions by IFP Petro: Redefining Sustainability and Efficiency

For over four decades, IFP Petro Products has led the charge in elevating the used oil paradigm. Our state-of-the-art 3-stage vacuum distillation technology exemplifies our commitment to sustainable resource management by efficiently refining used lubricating oil while also revolutionizing traditional oil production, markedly diminishing carbon footprints. Witness a testament to our dedication to a circular economy and eco-friendly practices.

4 Pillars of IFP

  1. Used Oil Collection
  2. Technology
  3. Digitization
  4. Sustainability

Used Oil Collection

Armed with a robust fleet, IFP is fully equipped to handle, collect, and transport used oil in bulk or barrels. Every transaction is meticulously documented with a Form 10 manifest, ensuring compliance with HWM Rules. Employing the highly efficient Hub-and-Spoke model, we establish long-term contracts for used oil collection with bulk generators through appointed collection agents and reverse logistic partners, along with strategically positioned collection centers.


Since 1977, we've pioneered oil processing, elevating our capacity from 500 MTPA to 6000 MTPA in 2004 with a cutting-edge three-stage vacuum distillation technology. As a testament to our adaptability to market realities, IFP is currently revamping its capacity to 18,000 MTPA with Solvent Extraction, which remarks our commitment to excellence in every phase, ensuring a future-ready, market-leading refinery.

Unveiling the Technological Triumph: Greenfield Refinery

Enter our new chapter marked by a 15 Acres Greenfield Refinery at Kosi Kotwan Industrial Area, boasting a robust Phase 1 capacity of 100,000 Metric Tons Per Annum (MTPA) using Solvent Extraction process showcasing our unwavering dedication to meet the evolving demands of the market, coupled with compliance with the stringent EPR regime. The momentum doesn't stop here; Phase 2 will witness a significant surge, pushing the capacity to an impressive 75,000 MTPA using Hydroprocessing technology. The cumulative processing capacity for used oil will soar to a remarkable 175,000 MTPA. This facility isn't just an upgrade; it's a technological marvel. Fueling innovation, it opens avenues for 200,000 MTPA toll mixing, fortifying our industry standing.


In a strategic leap towards efficiency, IFP Petro Products embarks on a profound digitization journey. Each Litre of used oil collected is tracked and mapped to each supplier on a real time basis. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies like AI, IoT, and Blockchain, we're optimizing our operations, ensuring real-time monitoring, and enhancing predictive analytics. Our digital roadmap integrates smart sensors and data analytics, enabling proactive maintenance and maximizing resource utilization. IFP, where tradition meets tech, forging a future of seamless, data-driven excellence


“Become a sustainable partner with IFP Petro and lubricate the future”
Join IFP Petro Products, where every drop of used oil tells a tale of transformation, sustainability, and a symphony of eco-friendly possibilities
Our mission is to create a sustainable ecosystem, net positive carbon footprint by leading a circular economy of used oil. IFP has been sole supplier with 100% market share of Re-Refined Base Oil (RRBO) to IOCL, BPCL, HPCL, Balmer Lawrie and others, promoting a sustainable future with an emphasis on the circular economy by converting used oil into Re-Refined Base Oil (RRBO), under Honorable PM direction for Atmanirbhar Bharat.
With Ministry of Petroleum and Environment approval, we enhance technologies for RRBO supply across the country while maintaining legal compliance and take the lead in Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) dedicated to achieve carbon neutrality in the future, and collaborate with stakeholders for a triumphant circular economy implementation.


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