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Key Customer Benefits

Safety standards of the highest calibre

IFP understands the importance of safety and believes in "Safety First For All". We achieved our best ever safety results in the year 2020 with a total recordable incidence rate of 0.97 per 79200 man hours. Personal protective equipment including Hazmat suits, safety helmets, safety shoes, safety glasses are well provided with.

Premier testing and quality services

IFP's main focus is to set a benchmark by being a complete used oil solution company where testing is one of the most important aspect in evaluating the true value of the product. Measuring parameters like Moisture content, flash point and density, etc are crucial to IFP's commitment to quality.

Transparent & Dynamic Pricing

The used oil prices offered by IFP are based on a scientific formula developed by our team which is linked directly to the crude oil prices/virgin base oil price. IFP's unique scientific pricing is based on 24 different parameters, after a comprehensive evaluation of the site, test report of the sample and accounting for the collection charges.

Experience & Expertise

IFP has the distinction of being the 1st Used Oil refining unit in North India and with 43+ years of experience in the industry and all legal compliances and certifications, IFP is well equipped to provide a comprehensive Used Oil solution to it's customers. Improper disposal of used oil ends up in industries for burning. The toxic impurities present in used oil like lead, arsenic, PCBs and PAH are extremely harmful to human beings and the environment.



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